Diversity Reports

In 2014, I established theFashionSpot Diversity Report, a fashion industry resource that monitors representation of race, size, age and gender identity on the runways, magazine covers and in ad campaigns. It is widely considered the authority on the subject and is regularly cited by news outlets.

Currently on our 10th runway season, we have seen representation of women of color progress from 17 percent to over 36 percent on the runways, 17 percent to almost 38 percent on magazine covers and 15 percent to over 34 percent in ad campaigns. Though there is still much work to be done, I am proud of the role the diversity reports have played in promoting change in the fashion industry.

Recent Diversity Reports:

Fall 2019 Runway Diversity Report: Racial and Age Diversity Step Forward, Size and Gender Inclusivity Step Back

Report: 2018’s Magazine Covers Were More Racially Diverse Than Ever, Size and Gender Representation More Than Doubled

Racial Diversity Inches Forward, Body Diversity Hits a Record Low in the Fall 2018 Fashion Ads